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Mathieu Buoro

Researcher Scientist INRA

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Eco-evolutionary dynamics of freshwater fishes

My research interests focus on two related areas. The first is the adaptation of freshwater fish to environmental changes. The second is the adaptative management of fish populations.

My research combines the long-term monitoring of fish popualtions in natura via the tagging and tracking of individually-marked fish (e.g., Atlantic salmon population on the Scorff river) and, by integrating local and scientific knowledge, to predict the response of populations to climate change and human pressure using simulation methods (e.g., IBASAM).

Evolutionary demography

Understanding the origin of life history variations of organisms, and then their capacity of adaptation to environmental change, requires studying life history strategies and evolutionary processes that drive them. My primary research goals are directed toward investigating eco-evolutionary dynamics and the impacts on demography (evolutionary demography). It involves exploring life history evolution, dispersal strategies and associated evolutionary processes in the wild such as selective survival, evolutionary trade-offs (e.g., cost of reproduction) and phenotypic plasticity (e.g., conditional strategies).

I’m particularly interested by integrative approach, e.g. integrating within a single and coherent framework demography, evolutionary processes such as life history decisions and evolutionary trade-offs, while explicitly represent the underlying mechanisms that generate our observations (e.g. physiological mechanisms or capture processes).

Quantitative ecology

I developed skills in quantitative biology, including familiarity with Individual-Based Modeling and Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling to explore complex models (state-space modeling, structural equation modeling, and quantitative genetics methods). Within these frameworks, one can confront theories and concepts in evolutionary biology with observational data through appropriate statistical tools.


Mathieu Buoro
Research Scientist
INRA, National Institute of Agricultural Research
Behavioral Ecology and Fish Population Biology
Aquapôle - Quartier Ibarron
64310 St Pée sur Nivelle